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I started this blog as a soundboard for some much needed therapy during my separation with my wife throughout much of 2005. It was truly a blessing to get my thoughts out there through the writing process. Thankfully things have worked out between us. I would have continued to blog, but ever since I started my teaching career, I have found it impossible to do as much blogging as I would like to. So now I hope to periodically post as time and energy allow.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sherbet and Deer

My day was going fine and my mood was splendid until I found out that my entries are being edited for spelling errors by my fellow contributor. I like to leave entries as is, spelling errors and all. Fook yew. There. Edit that.

So now that I am irritated, let me take a moment out of my day to tell you about a few things I do not like:

1. Do not share your email address.
I hate when couples find it cute to share email addresses. What happens when you write to only one of them? is NOT cute. It's stupid. Besides, how do you address the email if you only write to one of them? What if I don't want to talk to both? And how do you write about a cute guy for your friend when her dumb boyfriend/husband might read it?

2. Noah Webster pisses me off.
I hate the fact that now Webster's dictionary is changing the spelling of words because it is the more common misspelling. For instance, sherbet. There isn't a second "r" in it, but if you look under sherbet in the dictionary now, it will say: Also sherbert. And deerS is also acceptable now. So go ahead, tell us how the deers in your yard love to eat sherbert. I have a personal vendetta about the misspelling of sherbet. My 5th grade class knows why.

3. Do not talk to me when I am having lunch by myself, unless I make eye contact.
I swear the weirdest people are the ones who talk to you while you're trying to eat lunch by yourself. I am perfectly fine eating by myself. I don't need anyone to talk to me. The new guy actually sings in between talking to you. So, it goes something like this: "Yeah, I heard it's supposed to rain this weekend...HEARD IT FROM A FRIEND WHOOOO, HEARD IT FROM A FRIEND WHOOO, HEARD IT FROM ANOTHER...Hey, did you see that there's peanuts in the vending machine now?"


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