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I started this blog as a soundboard for some much needed therapy during my separation with my wife throughout much of 2005. It was truly a blessing to get my thoughts out there through the writing process. Thankfully things have worked out between us. I would have continued to blog, but ever since I started my teaching career, I have found it impossible to do as much blogging as I would like to. So now I hope to periodically post as time and energy allow.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Desire Left via the Screen

Saturday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the air was cool, and we had the screen door open...

Dan (my husband) followed me to the bedroom for a midafternoon romp. Okay, okay, I will admit that it was my idea and I had teased him to follow me. I went in and undressed, then got on the bed. He walked in, smiled, and dropped his pants.

And then the doorbell rang.

Dan suddenly (but rather awkwardly) pulled up his pants and ran to answer the door, leaving me in my naked glory. Okay, so there wasn't much glory, but I was naked. (I have a propensity for being naked.) I heard voices and realized that there were people inside the house.

I jumped up and tried to dress, stumbling on my shorts and checking out my hair. I walked into the living room to find our neighbors standing in the doorway. Dan introduced me to them and I shook their hands (although maybe they wouldn't have if they knew where that hand had...nevermind).

"The reason we came over," Mr. Neighbor started, "was to invite you to our bible study on Thursday night. We hold it at our house. In case you haven't heard, we are Jehovah's Witnesses..." My sense of comic humor got the best of me and I blanked out. It was funny timing, the kind of timing that only sitcoms come up with. My complete lack of religion would make my character on the show even funnier.

Then he handed Dan a "gift," a small book with the title, "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy!" Finally, "The WITNESSES," as we are now calling them, left and we rolled on the floor with laughter.

One thing I learned that day: I may have a propensity for being naked, but Jehovah's Witnesses have a propensity for interrupting sex.

Damn that screen door.


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